What is the best way to solve a problem? You define it — and then half the work is done for you.

For more than 30 years, RAD Engineering Corp. President Robert A. Di Domizio Jr., P.E. has left no stone unturned in finding a solution to a mechanical and materials engineering dilemma.

That is what sets Di Domizio apart from the rest: Any individual can draft a design and put it on paper. A true registered Professional Engineer like Di Domizio will accomplish the job accurately and precisely.

RAD Engineering Corporation is about the application of old-school consulting in a new school world. In some cases, problems cannot be solved by obvious means and present a roadblock to a proper solution. For RAD Engineering, that is where the fun begins.

Since 1987, Robert A. Di Domizio Jr., P.E. has successfully provided mechanical and materials engineering consulting services for the locomotive, packaging, conveyancing and amusement (non-roller coaster) industries.

Di Domizio has given testimony in state and national cases involving safety, injury and malfunction.

A forensic engineer is an engineer who specializes in analyzing failures in structural and mechanical engineering. They focus on developing effective methods to resolve these failures.

By applying engineering principles, they evaluate the problem, determine its cause, and devise recommendations for repair and recovery. Additionally, they collaborate closely with manufacturing teams to establish guidelines that aid engineers in preventing future project failures.

RAD Engineering Corporation and Di Domizio are dedicated in investigating negligence in the workplace and providing the best solution for its clients.

Businesses and organizations that may require the forensic expertise of RAD Engineering Corporation include:

  • Manufacturers with defective products
  • Builders with structural flaws
  • Insurance companies that investigate structural failures
  • Lawyers that represent plaintiffs and defendants in court
  • Government agencies that regulate structures and materials

Forensic engineers play a different role than that of the conventional architect, contractor, or structural engineer. They are hands off in the creation and construction of a machine or structure. Instead, forensic engineers act as crisis intervention specialists for other types of engineers. They do this by exploring the cause behind design failure and figuring out the effect of a resolution.

Every project — large or small — starts with defining the problem. Often, defining the problem solves the problem.

There are engineers, and then there are ENGINEERS. The engineer who practices an art is the one who receives the P.E. designation.

There are a few professional engineers who work in the industry, due to the demand. You need not be a P.E. to seal work or design a machine, but being a P.E. like Robert A. Di Domizio Jr. allows one to stand out from the rest.

Investigation and engineering go hand-in-hand with forensics: The main goal is to implement safeguards that can prevent known issues from occurring again.

According to Di Domizio Jr., a structure or machine can fail for a number of reasons:

  • Improper designs
  • Inferior construction materials
  • Poor craftsmanship
  • Natural disasters
  • Custom modifications to old machines

Forensic engineers may collaborate with other experts to discuss the objectives of their investigation and provide crucial information, depending on the specifics of the case. For instance, in the case that the incident prompts a criminal inquiry, they might give law enforcement evidence.

They might also help with situations involving product liability, which is the legal term for defects in a product’s manufacture or design that have unexpected effects. A forensic engineer’s work can assist businesses in fixing product problems and could result in financial compensation for those affected in the case.

Our clients are deserving of an expectation of safety.

At RAD Engineering Corporation, we define the problem and then develop potential solutions for the client. From there, we select the best option that satisfies the customer’s needs and budget.

Di Domizio Jr., P.E. has been qualified to testify in federal and state courts. He is practiced in expert witness testimony in cases involving industrial malfunction or accidents involving personal injury, including failure analysis of machines and machinery in the locomotive, packaging and conveyance industries.

Di Domizio Jr., P.E. is also experienced in code compliance and OSHA standards, laws and regulations of multiple states, as they pertain to safety and accidents involving injury. For instance, in conveyance machine systems, RAD Engineering Corp. ensures that guards are in place via eyespot readers or light curtains.

Following the collection of evidence, the forensic engineer works in conjunction with relevant stakeholders to apply engineering principles in order to assess the evidence and derive conclusive findings regarding the nature of the event. The field of forensic engineering has experienced a profound evolution in its practices, primarily driven by the advancements in technology, which have facilitated more refined and exacting investigations.

Forensic engineers employ a variety of methods and tools to ascertain the root cause of structural failure and devise an appropriate resolution:

  • Fracture mechanics: The analysis of how the weight of a load affects a structure containing cracks
  • Computational fluid dynamics (CFD): The use of mathematical formulae to determine how fluids affected the structure
  • Finite element method (FEM): The use of mathematical formulas to determine the temperatures of different areas within the structure

After pinpointing the cause and formulating a solution, forensic engineers prepare reports detailing their findings and recommendations, which are subsequently delivered to the organization that requested the information. These reports are utilized by the organization to rectify the current issue

Problem solving for RAD Engineering Corporation does not stop at mechanical and materials engineering. Di Domizio Jr., P.E. is skilled in finite element analysis/method, a numerical method in solving engineering physics.

The subdivision of a domain into simpler parts is second nature to Di Domizio Jr., P.E.’s skills. From the initial step of the division of domains into subdomains and their element equations, to the final step of obtaining a numerical answer through initial value calculations of the original problem, RAD Engineering Corporation makes a larger problem into a simpler, defined solution.


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